Project Finance


Our vastly experienced lawyers provide astute advice on the complex financing aspects of projects in a range of industry sectors. Such complexities necessitate experience in many different areas of law. In response to these complexities, and to provide effective representation to our clients, SCL is able to draw on its vast pool of legal experience in related fields of practice, including real estate, transportation, energy and telecommunications sectors.

We have assisted a multitude of financial institutions, private investors and government units in a number of projects, including a PEA Project relating to computer systems and an EGAT Project relating to ERP systems.

Additionally, we assist clients in reviewing all bidding terms and conditions, prepare the required documentation, negotiate with all concerned parties and provide sound legal opinions.

We understand that every transaction has its own unique demands, which means that our team must be flexible when anticipating and facing the potential challenges. We will work closely with you in order to best understand your business, your objectives and your approach to the deal.